BlackBerry Marketplace offre più di 100 prodotti Enterprise Grade

BlackBerry Marketplace offre più di 100 prodotti Enterprise Grade

Attraverso un comunicato stampa, la maison canadese ha annunciato che i clienti BlackBerry hanno accesso a più di 100 applicazioni, estensioni e soluzioni software Enterprise. Mark Wilson, SVP e Chief Evangelist di BlackBerry. Afferma come: "I partner e gli sviluppatori ISV vogliono creare prodotti sulla piattaforma di sviluppo di BlackBerry perché si prende cura di tutti i servizi di back-end e infrastrutture e rende la loro applicazione non solo sicura, ma BlackBerry Secure. Vogliamo lavorare con il maggior numero di partner possibile in tutte le industrie e le aree geografiche, in modo da offrire ai nostri clienti la più ampia gamma di soluzioni enterprise innovative altamente sicure".

Oltre alla crescita del mercato, BlackBerry ha anche condiviso la notizia che il mercato è stato migliorato per offrire soluzioni di ricerca e filtro più facili per aiutare le persone a trovare esattamente quello che cercano, incluse soluzioni appena elencate e aggiornate. Per conoscere la gamma di applicazioni, estensioni o soluzioni disponibili su BlackBerry Marketplace, è sufficiente accedere al sito completo.

Di seguito il comunicato stampa completo:

More Than 100 Enterprise-Grade Products Now Available on BlackBerry Marketplace
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Oct. 24, 2017) - Today at the company's Security Summit in
London, BlackBerry Limited (NYSE:BB)(TSX:BB) announced a major milestone and update on its growing ISV (independent software vendor) ecosystem. Through partnerships with ISVs, BlackBerry customers now have access to more than 100 applications, extensions and enterprise software solutions that were built from BlackBerry's Development Platform.

The company also shared that its BlackBerry Marketplace has been improved to make it easier to search and filter partner solutions, enabling customers and prospects to find what they're looking for more quickly. Newly listed or updated partner solutions are also much more visible, making it easier for visitors to see what's new, while the Marketplace automatically scans whether apps have been updated in the App Store or Google Play, pulling the latest native information into the Marketplace.

Among the ISV partners with new solutions available on the BlackBerry Marketplace are:
  • Lookout - Specialists in mobile threat protection, Lookout has developed a comprehensive risk detection and threat intelligence solution that, combined with BlackBerry UEM, gives customers critical visibility into their mobile workforce.
  • Mimecast - Based on BlackBerry Dynamics, an advanced, mature and tested container for mobile apps, Mimecast's mobile application lets customers search and access their personal archives in seconds and stay connected to email even if primary systems fail. Secure authentication means employees stay productive and in line with company IT policy.
  • Movius - Geared toward global financial firms looking to keep up with changing regulations, Movius has developed an application that allows employees to leverage the power of BlackBerry Dynamics to communicate safely on the go, with secure voice, SMS and recording capabilities.
  • Neptune Software - Integrated into their Rapid Mobile Application Development Program (RMAD) with BlackBerry Dynamics, Neptune offers customers a faster, secure, and more cost-effective way to develop, manage and monitor SAP Fiori applications across desktop, mobile and offline environments.
  • Wandera - Combined with BlackBerry UEM, Wandera's solution offers multi-level security for corporate mobile devices to guard against malware, phishing and network attacks.
"ISV partners and developers want to create products on BlackBerry's Development Platform because it takes care of all the backend and infrastructure services, and makes their application not just secure, but BlackBerry Secure" said Mark Wilson, SVP and Chief Evangelist, BlackBerry. "We want to work with as many partners as possible, in all industries and geographies, so we can offer our customers the broadest range of highly-secure innovative enterprise solutions."

The BlackBerry Development Platform is an enterprise-grade toolset which enables developers to build secure, powerful, and customized mobility solutions for every use case. The platform augments the world-class mobility capabilities of BlackBerry Dynamics for building secure apps by adding APIs for BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM), BlackBerry Workspaces, BlackBerry Enterprise Identity, BlackBerry 2FA, BBM Enterprise, and BlackBerry Analytics. With this rich collection of tools, developers can expand their scope to focus on both driving business value to enterprise organizations and enhancing the end user experience through secure, feature-rich mobility solutions.

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