BlackBerry, la NATO seleziona SecuSUITE per garantire e proteggere le telefonate

BlackBerry, la NATO seleziona SecuSUITE per garantire e proteggere le telefonate
BlackBerry SecuSUITE for Government è stato creato per la National Security tanto che oggi la casa software CANADESE ha annunciato che l'agenzia NCI (National Communications and Information) ha assegnato a BlackBerry un contratto per utilizzare i servizi per le comunicazioni crittografate.
"L'intercettazione delle chiamate è uno dei modi più semplici per accedere a informazioni private", ha affermato Christoph Erdmann, SVP di BlackBerry Secusmart. "Siamo estremamente orgogliosi che l'agenzia NCI, leader mondiale nello sviluppo e nell'uso della tecnologia che protegge le nazioni della NATO, abbia riposto la propria fiducia nel software BlackBerry per proteggere le proprie comunicazioni vocali, indipendentemente dal sistema operativo o cosa usa per comunicare, l'arsenale della tecnologia di cybersecurity di BlackBerry garantisce che i dati dei nostri clienti rimangano privati."
Quando BlackBerry ha acquisito Secusmart cinque anni fa, era già affermato come leader nelle soluzioni di alta sicurezza voce e crittografia dei dati e anti-intercettazione, questo nuovo contratto evidenzia la necessità continua di tali servizi.
Di seguito il comunicato stampa:
NATO Selects BlackBerry's Encrypted Voice Technology to Secure its Calls

WATERLOO, Ont. – March 12, 2019 – BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) announced today that the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency has awarded a contract for BlackBerry's SecuSUITE for Government to encrypt the conversations of its technology and cyber leaders wherever they communicate – in the workplace, at home or traveling abroad.

The NCI Agency helps NATO's 29 member-nations communicate securely and work together in smarter ways. It acquires, deploys and defends communication systems for NATO's political decision-makers and command centres, working on the frontlines against cyber-attacks. Due to the classified nature of the information the NCI Agency handles, it is critical that all their communications remain secure, combatting any opportunity for a cybercriminal to electronically eavesdrop on conversations.

"As cybercriminals and state-sponsored actors become increasingly more sophisticated, we needed a highly-secure way for our cyber leaders to have phone conversations with people inside and outside of our organization regardless of where they are in the world," said Kevin Scheid, General Manager of the NCI Agency. "BlackBerry's voice encryption technology helps solve this challenge and strengthens our elite cyber-defence strategy."

"Eavesdropping on calls is one of the easiest ways to gain access to private information," said Dr. Christoph Erdmann, SVP of BlackBerry Secusmart, BlackBerry. "We are extremely proud that the NCI Agency, a world leader in the development and use of technology that keeps NATO nations secure, has put its trust in BlackBerry's software to secure their voice communication. No matter the operating system or 'thing' used to communicate, BlackBerry's arsenal of cybersecurity technology ensures our customers' data remains private."
BlackBerry's SecuSUITE for Government supports Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, and can be installed on-premise, in a data centre, or in the cloud. Use cases for the solution include:

  • Secure conferencing: encrypts conversations between a secure conference bridge and a SecuSUITE for Government-enabled device.
  • Secure landing: encrypts mobile devices to a landline within a network.
  • Break-in: protects any communication between a mobile or landline on the user's home network to a SecuSUITE for Government-enabled mobile device.
  • Break-out: secures mobile devices to the employee's home network and from there to external mobile or landlines through PSTN extension.
  • SecuSUITE for Government has been evaluated and certified to be compliant with the Common Criteria protection profile for VOIP applications and SIP servers. It has also earned a NIAP certification and has been placed on the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified Program (CSfC) component list of products certified for us on classified systems.
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